Flying and Microlight

See the Algarve as you have never seen it before, a birds eye view from a Microlight.

Experience this thrilling experience in year round conditions that make the Algarve one of the best flying environments in the world.

Looking down from high above, to the beautiful Algarve coastline, the big blue ocean shimmering into the distance.

Below you all manor of boat and yacht making their way along the rocky shores whilst in the distance Monchique majestically watches over the ancient towns and villages of the Algarve.

You have a choice of a trial flight, a few lessons or even a whole course (NPPL) instructed by a British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) examiner.

So come take to the sky and get an eagle's view of the world.

Click the picture to the right and fly with me!

For further information visit The Algarve Airsports Centre