Shopping & Local Markets

The local markets start from only 3km away from Villa Chasma.

Markets are a great place to see the local ways of life and a great place to find souvenirs and other trinkets to take home with you. Some of the largest and most well known markets are located in Albufeira, Silves, Loule, and Portimao, however, if you want some true village treasures and Moorish treasures as well as fresh produce you will have better luck at the smaller markets. For this reason the smaller villages are worth a visit as many fishing villages have a local market.

In the municipal markets everything is colourfully laid out on stalls under one or two roofs. Regional Markets are roving markets which set up for the day in fair grounds. You can buy anything from light bulbs to remarkably low priced footwear and clothes.

Useful tip - Monday is not a good day to shop for fish as Algarve fishermen generally have Sunday night off.

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The main fish market.