Silves Castle

Important defence element at the time of the Arab occupation, Castelo de Silves is part of the walls that encircled the city.
In the whole, it has eleven towers, two of which defending the gigantic entrance double gate.
Some towers have been modified in the medieval period and have now gothic gates.

Because it is located at the highest point of Silves, a walk around its walls offers the visitor a magnificent view over the green hill landscape.

Residence of the highest Arab dignitaries, it is possible to imagine how life may have been in the castle, through the innumerable vestiges found there.

There are a well 60 meters (200 feet) deep, underground food deposits and an enormous watering hole with four vaults placed on columns.

At one side, a centuries-old jacaranda tree that, every spring, decorates itself with pretty violet flowers.

The legend says that the intent visitor can still hear the sighs of the enchanted moorish princess mourning her beloved at the well where he committed suicide...