Algoz Town

Alogoz, the nearest shopping centre to Villa Chasma has a selection of local grocers, wine merchants and bakers to name but a few. Also in the town is the very popular Magic Box, which sells all English fair for those missing those things you can only get back home like Marmite, Chutneys, English newspapers, toiletries and regular cuts of meat and vegetables.

Algoz has two churches, the Church of Our Lady of Pilar is a national monument.
There is a produce market and a large outdoor market held on the second Monday in the month that is popular with both locals and tourists.
Krazy World is a fun park for children and adults with mini-golf, pools, pet farm and zoo.
Verdant orange, fig and almond trees surround this village which still retains a few old houses with prettily decorated chimneys and modest whitewashed hermitages.

The Main Church
Displaying the architectural simplicity of the 18th century on the outside,.
 . . . this church has within it a number of art treasures, ranging from the 17th century tiles that cover the walls and ceiling of the baptistery and some of the walls to great artistic effect and the gilded, caned retable in the rocaille style that adorns the Capela do Santissimo (Chapel of the Most Holy).

Granary of Monte da Piedade (Mount of Piety)
This building belonged to the old mutual association which would support its member, with help in the form of loans.
The entrance was possibly built using stone work from the 16th century In addition to a plaque bearing the date 1704, the facade has a decorative circular window and a cross made with patterned polychrome tiles (18th century).