Alcantarilha Town

With its whitewashed walls, Alcantarilha's church dominates a village of modest houses scattered prettily across the hillside.

The Main Church
All that remains of the original 16th century Structure is the Manueline main chapel, to which an 18th century carved and gilded retable has since been added.

The baptismal chapel has a tiled ashlar (17th century) and in the sacristy, is a fine chest above ,which there is a niche decorated with acanthus leaves (18th century).
Adjoining the church is a grisly Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones). its walls and ceiling clad with approximately 1.500 skulls.

Misericordia (Mercy) Church
Unremarkable from the outside. Inside this church the statue and carved, added retable on the altar are worth seeing.

Misericordia (Mercy) Church.